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Tramways and Urban Transit


Bringing LRT to Mauritius
Oliver Doyle describes the development and operations of the all-new Metro Express LRT service on this idyllic Indian Ocean island.

Rebuilding in Bucharest
One of Europe’s great tramways has seen better days, but investment is on the way Simon Johnston visits the ‘Paris of the East’.

The future of urban mobility
How do we plan long-term investments in a world where technology is moving ever faster? Professor Glenn Lyons explores the challenges.

Systems Factfile: Strasbourg
Neil Pulling is drawn to a city where bold urban planning strategies have seen it become a flag-bearer for modern tramways.

Tramways & Urban Transit is the world’s leading monthly publication dedicated entirely to the development and promotion of more efficient urban transport solutions.

Established over 80 years ago, the magazine is published on behalf of the Light Rail Transit Association and is circulated to the organisation’s global membership base and at news outlets around the world.

Read by senior transport professionals and campaigners alike, Tramways & Urban Transit is well-known and respected as a publication that not only reports the news, but also helps to shape the debate for improved public transport.

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