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Tramways and Urban Transit #1000

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The April 2021 issue of Tramways and Urban Transit magazine is our 1000th issue. For this we are producing a larger edition with content going back over the 83 years of publication of the magazine and will cover key milestones in the development of the modern tramway and the great renaissance of the mode around the world.

Additionally, we are producing an A4 book to celebrate the 1000 issues and cover everything that’s happened across the light rail sector over the last 80+ years.

As such, we are offering companies and partners the chance to highlight their own histories. We hope that you will join us in promoting your own successes and growth over the last eight decades and your own contribution to the growth of tramway and light rail systems worldwide. We can arrange promotional coverage across both the April issue and also the hard backed book.

The contents of each are detailed below:

April – Issue #1000
History of the magazine, New Tram Orders, Evolution of the Tramcar, Electrification (Part 2), Milestones in technology, SF: Ulan-Ude, List of the world’s museums, Classic Trams: Halle Pt 2, Tramways in iconic pictures, List of the world’s tramways and metros, Worldwide Review, News, The Editors and key contributors, LRT Route Map, Contents, Tributes.

TAUT #1000 Book
Dedication/Forward, History of the magazine, Role of LRTA, Key figures from the magazine’s history, Tramways decline, Fallow years, Renaissance (France, Spain, US), Where tramways never died… (Russia, Germany, Eastern Europe), Milestone technologies, The great survivors (modernisation), Other developments – Awards etc, List of tramways that have opened/closed and the future.

The deadline for the April 2021 issue is March 3rd, click here to guarantee your chance to promote your contributions to the industry over the last 83 years.

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