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SPT to trial virtual smartcard app

Rambus SPT HCE ticketing

On 25 January Rambus Ecebs announced that its Nevis Technologies joint venture with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport is to use the Glasgow Subway (UK) to pilot the company’s latest mobile ticketing product using Host Card Emulation (HCE). The trial is to take place with selected users in mid-2017.

HCE technology is already well proven in the banking sector and loyalty and reward card schemes, and Rambus Ecebs’ suite of apps enables passengers to load ‘virtual smartcards’ onto NFC-enabled devices which can then be used to buy, store and use tickets.

Compatible with existing infrastructure that complies with the UK’s ITSO interoperable specification, real-time journey information can also be added to the system, which can be easily integrated into existing apps. Operators can also use the app to collect travel data to optimise service demand and pricing, while also delivering targeted offers.

Courtesy of Tramways & Urban Transit

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