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Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy brings everything together. Without one you waste time and money and going round in circles.

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Competitive Intelligence

Knowing that you don’t know is one thing. Not knowing what you don’t know is worse...

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Business Development

Similar to good event management, a crucial element of business development is planning and attention to detail.

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Corporate Comms & PR

Corporate communication is a key element in your content marketing plan. It drives the consistent messages, both internally and externally, you wish to convey.

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Event management

Of the many elements you need to get right in running an event, tight organisation is arguably the most important. Once the objective of the event has been established, you can’t afford to leave any stone unturned in the planning, organisation and execution.

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Figuring out what your clients value, developing your offer accordingly and delivering the right and consistent message to them at the right time.

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Whether you’re supplying editorial or taking up one of our standard or bespoke advertising packages, we take your messages to the people that need to hear them through a choice of publishing channels.

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The LRT Monitor

Knowing that you don’t know is one thing. Not knowing what you don’t know is worse...

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Tramways & Urban Transit

Now entering its 82nd year, Tramways & Urban Transit is unique as a publication founded on the needs of scheme promoters, transport operators, planners, consultants, manufacturers and campaigners for better public transport in our congested towns and cities.

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With both established and bespoke events, we focus on delivering to our client’s needs – be that in terms of branding, targeted content, networking opportunities and constant innovation. We involve the industry and individual clients throughout the development of each event, to ensure each one is relevant and pertinent.

The complete marketing package

We have a proud tradition of designing, staging and managing local, national and international events. If you would like to discuss your requirements then please contact us

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