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European Light Rail Congress – Schedule Highlights

EULR22 lead graphic

PLENARY: Transforming mobility in Spanish communities
PANEL DEBATE: Lean design and build for more efficient urban transport networks
PANEL DEBATE: Visions of a fare-free future

NETWORKING: Over eight hours of exhibition and networking sessions where you can join experts from the supply chain to discuss game-changing innovations that are revolutionising the design, operations and maintenance of mobility.

• Creating safer environments: Boosting confidence in public transport
• Expanding light rail operations and future autonomy in Zaragoza
• Place-based solutions: Decarbonisation and regeneration for smaller cities
• Innovations in environmentally-friendly construction and maintenance
• Digital solutions for measurements, modelling and operational training
• Tramways and the cycle interface
• Automated remote condition monitoring solutions
• Advanced signalling and communications technologies
• Case studies from the fare-free travel revolution

The final schedule is under development, if you would like to get involved – please contact us at

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