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LRT Excellence Day 2019

Thursday February 15, 2018

Shaping the industry through co-operation and engagement

Held in partnership with UKTram, Mainspring’s LRT Excellence Days enhance understanding and co-operation between the teams responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the light and urban rail systems, those with procurement responsibility and the supply chain.
The first of these days in 2019 focuses on infrastructure renewals and maintenance, and looks at how efficiencies can be achieved through innovation and the sharing of best practice, and how these can deliver real benefit to users across the industry.

Topics include:
• Rail selection, installation and maintenance
• Rail replacement case studies
• Effective treatments for noise and vibration
• Innovative new trackform solutions
• Cost-effective rail monitoring solutions
• Digital asset management strategies
• Effectively minimising disruption during major projects

Who should attend?
• Light and urban rail operators and authorities
• Infrastructure engineers and technicians
• Infrastructure maintainers
• Track designers and specifiers
• Equipment and component suppliers
• Infrastructure equipment and service providers
• Consultants
• Railway safety practitioners
For reports from previous LRT Excellence Days, see below:

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