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Competitive Intelligence:
The ability to perceive and comprehend meaning

Knowing that you don’t know is one thing. Not knowing what you don’t know is worse. How do you discover whether your products/services can be applied in other areas or are still relevant, how do you anticipate what the competition is doing or how the market landscape is changing?

Competitive intelligence turns data collated from several channels and through analysis and interpretation turns it into information that drives your strategic planning and decisions.

We can do the leg work for you by gathering the data relevant to your needs and provide the information that allows you to spot openings, see trends, stay ahead, identify threats and much more.

Mainspring competitive intelligence

  • Market studies
    • Identify fresh opportunities in existing and new areas
    • Spot competitor moves ahead of time
    • Develop products/services to suit future client needs
    • Improve your strategic planning


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